Maggie’s cakes

Homemade cakes prepared with fresh ingredients and mixed with love under music rhythms.

Seasonal fruit cake

My first recipe will be for a Seasonal fruit cake. The original recipe is my mother’s cake, but I have modified it by adding fruits, changed the proportions a bit and add an extra spice. The first time I made it, it was with cherries and since then everyone around me knows it as the Cherry cake. Unfortunately, cherries are seasonal fruits and when the season has finished, I tried different fruits, depending on the season – plums, apricots, nectarines. Some of you, which like to experiment can create a mix and combine some of the fruits. I have always thought that it would be interesting to make it with strawberries.

Now, I will tell you some of my little ‘secrets ’:

First, when cutting the bigger fruits (apricots and nectarines) - cut them in halves as during the baking, they tend to shrink. As for the smaller ones like cherries and strawberries – leave them whole. Secondly, it is important to mix the ingredients for about 5 to 8 minutes. This way the structure of the cake gets thicker. Lastly, the secret ingredient, which I put is called mahlab. It is an aromatic spice made from the seeds of a species of cherry – Mahlab cherry. It sharpens the taste a bit and it’s pretty common/ commonly used in Greek and Mediterranean baked goods. However, do not put more than 1 tea spoon (without the peak), because the cake becomes too bitter. I can assure you that it suits any kind of fruit and gives a unique taste to your cake.


The steps are:

  1. Break the eggs in a deep bowl and mix them on a high speed 2-3 mins. Then add the sugar and repeat mixing for a longer time.Add the softened butter and mix everything.
  2. In a different bowl mix all of the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder, vanilla and mahlab.Start adding the milk bit by bit.
  3. Mix everything together with a mixer and add the fruits.
  4. Prepare a circle tin covered with baking paper.
  5. Put the mixture in the tin and bake for approximately 1 hour on 160 degrees Celsius